At Keinath Automotive, we understand car repair can be a stressful event. We strive to provide our customers with comprehensive information as to why the repair is required, how the component failure occurred, and what preventative maintenance measures can be taken to prolong the success of the repair and avoid failure in the future.

Brake Repairs

With time, all car brakes need attention.  With a Keinath Automotive technician's attention, we'll diagnose your vehicle's brake problems and offer brake repair solutions that fits your budget. 


Clean motor oil in general is a golden brown in color like maple syrup.

Oil changes should be done every 3000 miles or every three months, which ever occurs first.


A diagnostic service is a process that a technician must perform to determine the root cause of the drivability problem a customer is experiencing with their vehicle. This requires the use of several sophisticated and expensive testing equipment.


This service performs a COMPLETE fluid change of old transmission fluid with new fluid throughout the entire system. It includes up to 15 quarts of transmission fluid, a friction protection fluid, and a particle suspension fluid to clean & flush the ENTIRE SYSTEM. A simple drain and fill will replace less than 30% of the actual fluid in your transmission. Also, on a front wheel drive car or van, a transmission flush also includes the differential oil change, which is inside the transmission.

  • This service includes replacing:
  • spark plugs

  • cap and rotor

  • PCV valve if applicable

  • 32-point inspection

  • checking air filter